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Newsflash! Front's going to be in New York City on the weekend of July 21st. He'll be attending the HOPE convention and trying as hard as he can to impress the real hax0r types with his pathetic low-res nerdery.

Then Sunday night (7/23) Front does a live set at Club Midway in alphabet city, with the inimitable Jess Klein opening. The show is a mere seven dollars, starts at 9:30, and is open to those eighteen years of age (and older).

Front just saw Robot Chicken for the first time. It is like the perfect array of childhood nostalgia references for 30-year-olds, turned into dirty jokes via action figure stop-motion animation. Front is kind of irritated that he didn't think of it first. I mean, he has all those action figures. They're in mom's basement it Berkeley. In boxes. With silica gel.

Tomorrow night A week from Thursday, you have to watch a major network to see Nerdcore Rising's Pr0n S0ng beatsmith Doctor Popular busting out his primary talent (yo-yo mastery) on a show called Master of Champions. That is a dumb name for a show. But it is awesome that doc pop gets seen by sixty zillion people (estimated viewership).

Also regarding TV things: Front is the "celebrity" programmer for a blog called Make Me Watch TV this thursday. We're all on the edge of our proverbial chairs.

If you no longer have a television (we hear this more and more often), you can use that crappity youtube thing to see all kinds of nerdcore stuff. Hooray!

Oh, and Front is more or less sure to be performing in or around New York on the 23rd of July. He'll be at HOPE that Friday night (7/21) and Saturday (7/22), regardless. He's working also on a Boston show before PAX. Yes, yes, you will be able to buy 2006 Tour shirts there. Stop freaking out.


Number one most importantest thing! Front is seeking a new booking agent. He or she must work nationally, be comfortable with clients like Front (medium draw, devoted fans, no label in sight), and carry the hearty recommendation of an experienced touring band (you?). If any of the wonderful folks who read this news post have a solid lead, let Front know ASAP.

Strange happenings afoot at the Circle K! Not like George Carlin descending from the heavens or anything, and also they do not have Circle K's around where Front lives, but still. Strange happenings.

A book about white people and hip-hop is expected from cub reporter Jason Tanz in February. Front to feature prominently? Then why is he so clearly an African American in this flash video of Gonna Be Your Man by a mysterious Canadian?

And other Enigmas haunt us. Why has Front waited so long to share these recordings from Creepy Crawl in Saint Louis last month? [ they are: Yellow Lasers, War songs medley, Floating Bridge ] And why does he require you to join the VSP before you can hear eight more tracks from that set? Why oh why oh why hasn't Front told us about his favorite tracks from the mammoth 4-disc nerdcore compilation Rhyme Torrents? Perhaps he still struggles feverishly to compile said list. Know that Baddd's blisteringly hottt NCHH remixery and Hawk's indefensible rap-rockization of Mountain Kind are potential includees.


Whew! It is done. The van is parked. The trailer is unhitched. The lads are back in their homes, planning and plotting their frontless endeavors. Frontalot himself is back home in Boston in California, seeing the eye doctor and collecting Doggy Fresh from his west coast vacation paradise.

The tour, it was a success! Click the words in this sentence to find out what the internets think about that. You know of more? Send links to Front. Everyone involved in the production wishes to thank heartily ye who are the fans of the nerdcore rapping. You have been generous in your purchase of show tickets, your applause, your dedication to driving long distances, your apportionment of precious calories toward booty-shaking, and your smiles after. Front feels like a real live rock star these days. It is great for the old ego. It makes him want to do this kind of thing all the goddamn time.

There is plenty much more recuperation to make with the happening of! And some grammar to brush up on. Front had better brush fast, since he scribbles furiously in service of a new album! But don't hold breath, lest blueness ensue. It is due maybe in like January.

Due earlier: Penny Arcade Expo! And after that, if the forces of fronting get their acts together, a west coast and elsewheres tour! That will be pretty awesome, right? Right.

Keep tuned right here for some tracks from the Saint Louis show. Or join the VSP for the whole set.


Touring is hells of crazy. Front and associates meet all kinds of fascinating folks, find out that there is a crowd of hollering lyiric-knowers in every town in the nation, find out what swamps look like, drink too late in the French Quarter, perform Special Delivery twice in Texas, gamble on a riverboat in St. Louis, acquire tour-following Grateful Dork style devotees (okay, one), and proceed to rock the heck out of Lawrence tonight. The souls and skins of Frontalot's entourage grow hardened with road-warrioresque badassedness. They know how much gas costs in Oklahoma. Don't try anything funny.

Our man at provides these advertiserly videos, which are awesome: click for Lawrence [Googlevid, QT], Minneapolis [Googlevid, QT], Kalamazoo [Googlevid, QT]. Send them to your friends, for time grows ever slimmer. Front's first ever tour makes its triumphant fare-the-well on the 31st.

Will there be another? We hope so! It is looking like that won't happen until after PAX. Wipe that tear.

Things cannot happen to Front in the real world without the internet finding out about it. Therefore: Front on techbytes in Houston (mp3), toung-tied interview from Spartanburg, and more to come. Seen a snippet we missed? Mail it in.


It is Monday! The miles melt away as the Frontalotmobile speeds towards Baton Rouge for this evening's proceedings.

Perhaps as you read this, it is no longer Monday. The touring and the news updating do not have maximum compatibility! It is because of business, tiredness, in-van napping opportunities, road longness/windiness, and bad internet at cheap hotels. But we won't leave you like hanging hanging. We will make informatic type-type for you. We will do this right now.

Saturday! The Tallahassee show seemed empty in that big ol' Beta Bar room, but actually there was a nicely sized crowd of devoted travelers who spent collectively about nine times as much on gas as on tickets. Luckily for Front, they spent a similar ratio on merch. You kids sure do like things that say MC Frontalot on them! We wish to encourage this proclivity with effusive thanks.

Before that, it was Friday. And Friday saw Front and company packing the house at The Drunken Unicorn in Atlanta. It was not easily discerned which was thickest: the smoky air, the noisy rhymes, or the impossible nerdishness of the attendees. Front was glad to discover such a solid accumulation of his peoples in Georgia. He will some day return. Maybe if you know the bookists at DragonCon, you can start hassling them to consider our friend the MC as an entertainment option for their little get-together.

West Columbia on Thursday night was a fine bit of fun. Someone has jacked the speed up on the Ms. Pac-Man machine at the New Brookland Tavern there. It is as if they wish to amplify the player's nostalgia for 1982 by suggesting that his or her very reflexes are among that era's bygone treasures.


Chapel Hill is but a fond memory. But so very fond! The devoted boogeyists take the new first prize in Frontal Concert Audience Dancing. Local 506's friendly staff reports that no such dancing has occurred there in recent memory. They also report that we should stay late and "LISTEN TO SOME SEGER!!!" Emphasis not added.

Johnson City, Tennessee, last night: The Hideaway seems to be the late evening relaxation station for the region. The enthusiastic booty shaking of Front's handful of devotees more than made up for the venue's stickiness (a film of egg whites and corn syrup left by the opening band's GWARish aspirations).

Tonight! Front camps in Asheville. Like some kind of goddamn hippie.

Canadians and non-Canadians with bionic ears might have heard Front on CBC radio recently. His interview with Keith Serry was part of a piece that you can hear by clicking here.

Check out some pics from Spartanburg! Click for them. Other content by Mr. Howland on that site is nsfw. Which means you want to see it.


Happy Day of Motherhood and Appreciation of Motherhood, all ye born of women. MC Frontalot is more in the MacDuff category, which makes him all the more thankful for his mom. He advises you to make your customary phone call or bouquet delivery. And tell mom that Front reminded you. Front needs some points with your mom.

Last night's gig (stop #2 on the Nerdcore Rising 2006 tour) rocked Mount Pleasant! Or rocked it has hard as one can when taking the stage in a bar in a strip mall. Front wishes to thank the several devoted nerdcore aficionados who hollered loudly for multiple encores.

Tonight it is Chapel Hill! You coming?

Keep track of Front's daily tour posts on the BBS, available to members of the vsp.


Front and his band (including new drummer The Sturgenius) are almost ready to hit the road! They are in Blak Lotus & Gm7's old Brooklyn basement, rocking it out at Set List Boot Camp. DJ CPU Mark II has his samples loaded. The van is gassed up. The tour is about to begin.

You know about the tour, right? Have we been lax in our public relations chores?

If you have the means, join a "street team" in one of the tour's destination towns. Click here for posters and flyers. Call your nearest alternative newsweekly and college radio station and request info about MCF coming to town (this makes them feel like they should know about it and/or exhibit this knowledge publicly... pretty sneaky, right?). Talk the show up at your local library, gaming shop, and optician's waiting room.

Front would like to thank everyone who has made the tour possible. But if he did it on the front page of his site it would injure his bandwidth quota. He does owe a shout to Bortwein for doing design on the 1st round of posters. And he offers thanks in advance to his Houston and Fort Worth fans four drowning out whatever boos may come from the back of the bar when he does Special Delivery.

Cheers all! Dispatches to appear from the road as time permits.


Front is doing a public meet & greet at Forbidden Planet comics in NYC (Broadway & 13th). Everyone who shows up can put one word on a list and then on the bus ride home he will write a rap that has all the words in it. Later, he will make a recording of it. Also, the person who puts in the best word (judge of best word: Front, duh) gets a signed Penny Arcade Expo 2005 DVD. There will be shirts and CDs too.


Monday May 1st
MC Frontalot chats you up and signs things
Forbidden Planet
840 Broadway (at 13th)
New York, NY

Tell a friend! There's going to be a UK TV crew there and if it looks like Front has no fans it will be kind of pathetic. Though reasonably accurate.


Minneapolis and Kalamazoo added to the tour at the end of May! See the page that is the tour page for details. These dates complete the first leg of the Nerdcore Rising Tour 2006. Leg #2 is expected to commence somewhere in the western states at the top end of July.

Speaking of things that are called Nerdcore Rising, a documentary sharing that title with Front's tour and CD is forthcoming from Vaguely Qualified Productions of New York. The meat of the thing will be a chronicle of Front's first-ever tour (the one in May that we keep talking about). The preview trailer is available as quicktime here.

FRONT STILL NEEDS: Street team volunteers for Spartanburg, Johnson City, West Columbia, Atlanta, Tallahassee, New Orleans, Houston, Minneapolis, Kalamazoo. Write in now. Those who've already volunteered, keep an eye on your mailbox. Posters & flyers will be posted this week.

Front's crack team of dev masterminds is hard at work on the new site. Is you excitey? Front is too. To include: a public BBS; the Open Source Beats Program; massively expanded VSP privileges; relatively obfuscation-free image galleries; no more goddamn cut-n-pasting into the news archive (this last feature to primarily benefit Front). New site to debut in early May. Are you ready for the Web 2.1 goodness?

Do the depressing monkey dance! Buy Jeff's book! Watch the black holes make love (MPG, SFW). Buy a new girlfriend. The old one is not happy with your weekend plans. Which is ok, you probably didn't want to have children anyway.


Front wishes to thank the crowd that sold out Edinburgh Castle in SF weds night and packed the room past capacity. There's nothing like the gleeful violation of fire codes to really bring the funk home.

Front wishes also to thank Yook for guesting on vox, Black Lotus for happening to be in town for the show, The Categorical Imperative for rocking on a school night, Vic 20 [get his new album!!] for filling in while Gm7 is stuck on the east coast, The Scarlet Witch for bringing some much-needed diva power to the set, and Doc Pop for setting the whole thing up.

Front escapes now to South America to avoid filing his taxes on time. He returns moments before the launch of THE NERDCORE RISING TOUR 2006, the first leg of which is already detailed on The Tour Page (clicky). Many advance tickets are already available. Many venues let youngsters in if they pay extra. Do your research.

Hey, you live in one of those towns? Want to pass out flyers, posters, subliminal messages? Join a so-called street team. Volunteer by mail now and Front will get you coordinated starting April 21.

Speaking of coordination, a documentary crew will be following Front the whole way through the south & midwest. If you live in a tour town and wouldn't mind a few scruffy equipment-toters following you around for a "day in your life" type of thing, write to the director: Negin Farsad.

NERD HELP SOLICITATION! Who out there is an expert with phpBB templating? Front needs such a person to skin the BBS into his new site design. Let him know.

Needy, needy, needy! Isn't Front here to amuse you? Trust us, he's working on it.


Getting excited for the Edinburgh Castle show? So's Front. It reunites him with The Categorical Imperative (drummer on NCR) and will feature the backup stylings of Yook. Not only that, but Cat5 (featuring DJ Earflaps) is going to open at 9. HOORAY!!

You want a vaguely commie-themed flyer for your MySpace pages and shop windows? Here you go. It is thanks to Meredith of ladycartoonist.

Speaking of flyers and etc, there will soon be a whole giant resource page for aspiring street team members. Front will need at least one superduperfan in every town on his May tour. Front needs you to stick leaflets in comic shops, wear a sandwich board in front of the video game store, march in the streets extolling Front's virtues, and show up at the gig with the region's nerd elite in tow. Up to the task? Write in.


  • 12th - Spartanburg, SC
    Ground Zero
  • 13th - Mt. Pleasant, SC
    The Village Tavern
  • 14th - Chapel Hill, NC
    Local 506
  • 16th - Johnson City, TN
    The Hideaway
  • 18th - West Columbia, SC
    The New Brookland Tavern
  • 19th - Atlanta, GA
    the Drunken Unicorn
    tickets available now!

  • 20th - Tallahasee, FL
    The Beta Bar
  • 22nd - Baton Rouge, LA
    The Spanish Moon
  • 23rd - New Orleans, LA
    Republic Nightclub
  • 24th - Houston, TX
    The Proletariat Club
  • 25th - Ft. Worth, TX
    The Aardvark
  • 26th - St. Louis, MO
    Creepy Crawl Club
  • 27th - Lawrence, KS
    The Jackpot

See the tour page for more details.

Times, prices, club locations, and end-of-May dates all to come! Watch this space.

Don't forget to get your PAX'06 registration taken care of before it get more expsensiver March 31. Front will be there again, rocking mics, signing CDs, playing video games, and making you roll a 20 for whatever the coolest thing behind the counter is.

Also, thanks internet. Thanks a lot. Like we don't have enough complete bullshit to click on.


Front took to the stage at Soundz in Harlem the other night to an appreciative and close-pressed throng. Various web luminaries were in attendance. It was good clean fun with a one drink minimum. Who could ask for more?

Okay, fine; here's lots more: San Francisco on the 29th! Do not miss it under any circumstances. An opening act has yet to be booked... is your band, magic show, or burlesque display a fine fit for Front? Write in with sample tracks if so.

Then! Off to the south and up into the midwest, starting May 12th. Those details will follow as the confirmations roll in, but we can share this much: between Spartanburg and Kalamazoo there are somehow 5308 miles.

Hey nerd. Yeah, you. You slaver for Negadon, Nacho Libre, future eps of House of Cosby. You seek Frontal infos at Voiceworks and CynicCenter. You wonder silently to yourself whether the Rolling Stones ever shilled for the Rice Krispies and whether anyone ever rendered the Simpsons intro without drawings. May you soon know peace in your nerdy heart.

OF NOTE: ambitious film-maker (and all around classy broad) Negin Farsad is putting together a large-scale indie documentary on Frontalot and nerdcore. She needs an intern in NYC! Her specs:

  • new york city-based
  • familiarity with Avid and/or Final Cut
  • writing skills a plus
  • perfect for a film/media studies student undergrad
  • possible stipend

You better get in touch with her right this very instant.


Front has big newses for you!

LIVE SHOW in Manhattan on Sat, March 4. This one is way uptown [see details, left], and Front needs you to come out in full force so that he does not feel lonely. The door is ten bucks (five of which goes to the bar for your drink ticket). Keep in mind that Front's rapping improves immeasurably when you're drunk.

The next hot hot Frontal live-action appearance will be back in his hometown of San Francisco near the end of March. Get excited early; there may not be enough time to get properly excited once the details are set. We are that stingy with info around here.

And then... holy smokes! Front tours the southern states in the second half of May. He will be in the Carolinas, Florida, Texas, Tennessee, you name it. There is so much to do! Front must arrange so-called Street Teams, prepare himself mentally for southern hospitality (it can be kind of shockingly pleasant), buy several pairs of high-impact touring slacks, shop for in-ear cordless vocal monitors, and get his hands on a van. Wait, you have a van that you want to loan/rent/sell to Front starting around May 12th? Perfect! Write in.

Did you hear Beefy covering Front's "classic" Nerdcore Hip-hop? He's also got three mc chris covers and plenty of originals at his site.

The dommah vid for Which MC is here [QT, 22MB]. If you don't love you some quicktime (a quite reasonable non-love) there are low-res versions on youtube and google. Browsing youtube reveals other fan-made goodies.

Is Front missing several published interviews from the info page? His book keeping really is quite miserably bad. Write in with URLs or scans to aid him towards archival integrity.

It's time for rhyme-o-links. Utah! Doo-da! Spinal medication! Final destination! Wham! Bam! Thank you, Van Damme!


Frontalot wishes love and happiness upon all his fans, whether they be shopping for relationship-affirming undies or just shopping for a relationship. To those who proudly eschew love and its Hallmark-engineered annual observance, Front offers a song he recorded a long time ago in which Gm7 yells at him for using the word "eschew."

There's a show coming up! It is again a Manhattan gig; its details will slowly emerge on the upper left of this very page. Why so often the NYC visits? Front has been too much busy to put together a Boston band. But this oversight he seeks to undo! Do you know a great and funksome drummer who would be excited to work for Front in the Boston area? For that matter, Front is short one bassist and one keyboardist. Write in with leads.

Impending LA superstar director and all-around fine gentleman Dom Mah delivers a fan video for Which MC Was That. It stems from some footage he caught with his pocket digicam when a sober Gm7 and a Scotch-wielding Front came upon an In The Groove machine in a bowling alley. If you want to laugh at Front for getting a low score on his own song on hell of easy mode, this is your chance: (quicktime file, 22MB).

Speaking of videos! Several teams (and a couple of dangerous loners) are working on vids for their favorite songs from Nerdcore Rising. Front feels mightily thankful for these volunteer efforts. On the other end of things, nerdcore auteur Keith Schofield likes the idea of tackling a video for This Old Man — but won't, since Front cannot muster the seven or eight thousand dollars that would constitute the barest minimum of video budgets. Any wealthy fans with poor impulse control are urged to write Front's video fund a huge check right this very instant. Your name will appear above the title.

Email!! MySpace!! Rich fantasy life! Fun online tests!!! Front knows all about these things. He is from the internet.


Front won a songfight recently, thanks perhaps more to his enthusiastic fan base than the dopeness of his track or the freshness of his dog. Though Front's dog is exceedingly fresh.

If you make songs on these here internets, you should fight at Song Fight! Every week it is a free-for-all the like of which is unseen outside of the ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny.

Oh! By the way. Happy New Year. Front resolves to: tour; work up enough material for another album; finish his long-awaited duets with Broken English and Jesse Dangerously; destroy the Smurf village once and for all; and go stupid. What are yours?

2006 is certain to be a bang-up year. Front has compiled a list of recommended activities:

Check all these off and your annum of awesome happiness is virtually assured.


Flash! [12.13] New song "Fresh Dog" on music page & at Song Fight all week.

Pry your cohorts away from their Crashbox360's, fire up the transport, and take a roadtrip to sunny Manhattan Island where Front and co make a triumphant return visit to their recent digs. We're talking about a LIVE SHOW folks!

Details are to the left of this very news box. Above the quote of the week. Yes there, you see them. Good.

If you're already in New York, dig on some cable access over the next week. Frontalot's summer appearance at The Bitter End is immortalized therein! Here's the sched:
Sat 12/10 @ 10:30pm on Ch 56
Tue 12/13 @ 7pm on Ch 56
Wed 12/14 @ 9:30pm on Ch 57

Nerdcore Rising is in the store and ready to stuff stockings! All orders enter the mail within 24 hours! Depending how far you are from California, you can probably get your stocking stuffed if you order before Dec 20th! That sounds kind of nasty, but it is true.

You can also buy the new premium edition of the album at Amazon. It is the same except way more expensive. Good for if you have a gift certificate. Coming soon to ThinkGeek as well. You can get the album on iTunes now, too! Which is kind of exciting until you realize that they forgot to list it as a single album. Maybe they'll fix that soon. Till then, if you only want a few tracks, that's your spot.

Hey, who wants to do a bunch of PHP/MySQL programming for the upcoming brand new Frontalot site? Wait, you're saying YOU want to? That is awesome! Write him mail about it. Include a brief description of your experience with such things and at least one reason why you'd do it for free.

Did you see Front in XXL magazine back in October? If not, rejoice in the fact that scanners exist. Same goes for today's Tar Heel.

Dancing. Dancing! DANCING!! That is what Front was doing (dancing) (with glee) when he finally solved The Dark Complex. It actually added IQ points to his brain in the process. Try it out. You are definitely going to need paper and pencil. Of course, Front used a pen.


Frontalot's album enters its second printing as of today. Buy it from Front directly using the power of paypal. If you hate paypal too much (or have a gift certificate or something) there is also the Amazon option.

If instead it is MC Frontalot who you hate too much, maybe you should shop for music that better suits cool kids like you.

Speaking of those accursed cool kids, they are nowhere to be found in the dorkish comedy of the Ministry of Unknown Science. Their weekly video podcast thing is newly launched and classically awesome.

Hey now! Tell your friends about Front's next show. It is listed on the left there above the quote of the week.

And if you're talking to them anyway, tell them to bid recklessly on Front's Tascam US-428 (it is too late). He used it to record Nerdcore Rising, a fact which imbues it with a tiny shred of unripened nostalgia.

There are fresh faces in the cute chicks gallery. There are new pages in the fan arts gallery. There is a new feeling in the air! Perhaps we should check the air conditioning for malfunction.


Hear Frontalot on NPR's "Day to Day" in their archive (clicky). Is he the only rapper interviewed who does not think it is dumb to use the term "nerdcore?" Heck no, Hawking's on the mic too.

Nerdcore Rising is almost sold out. The second printing is on order. Be one of the last few to get the Historic Very First Edition while supplies last!

LIVE SHOW IN MANHATTAN: At Crash Mansion on Dec. 17th. Late at night. 11PM or so. Details to follow.

Calling all flash animators, cell animators, stop-motion photographers, and other auteurs of the moving image! Front wants a video for Charity Case or any other album track. Will you make him one? Write in for to arrange the arrangements.

Frontal cohort Jesse Dangerously has a new record out. Help to relieve him of it by scrolling down his page and clicking indiscriminately on any "buy now" buttons you find. Speaking of cohorts bearing vendables, Tony Moore's Fear Agent #1 is at your comic book shop. Let its siren call coax you forth.

Creepy death is everywhere! Did we miss halloween? Maybe we're just anticipating Turkey Day.


PAX was big-sized fun. Keep your eyes peeled for the DVD over at Penny Arcade.

Did you catch Front in the October XXL? Due to the magazine industry's hostility towards what month it is, that issue will be off news stands right around when October starts. Check for it at your lazier local bookseller. Suge Knight is on the cover. Front is on page 59.

If you have one of those nifty old analog radios, listen to Day to Day on your local NPR station. A segment on Nerdcore featuring the MC who fronts should air soon.

Front will not be watching cheeseball Joss Wheedon television shows turned into fan-service wank-fest movies. But take him out to see Corpse Bride, won't you? Or Murderball. Now that the album's shipping, he's ready to do things where he just sits and stares for two hours. And if you want to see a space western that actually deserves to survive the impending cultural revolution, mail-order Cory Mcabee's The American Astronaut. It doubles (triples) as a musical. And is awesome.

Speaking of the album, Nerdcore Rising is selling pretty well. Keep purchasing it! Front gets ever closer to feeling like a professional music person. At which point he would feel compelled to record another album.

Lead single remains Charity Case. Also available in full: the album version of the PA Theme. Valued Suckers are enjoying Goth Girls as a bonus. All 16 tracks get teased on the album page.


The album is here! It is for sale in the frontalot store alongside the brand new lady shirts, oversized boy shirts, and other wonderful ownables. There is a whole page about the album which you can visit for irritatingly brief teaser clips from every track.

Do not miss the first single from Nerdcore Rising: "Charity Case." Baddd Spellah did a bang-up job on the beat and you will be touched in your innermost heart areas by the song's tender plea for snacks.

Front took the stage at PAX last night with Connie Lin, MC Chris, and the Minibosses. Tickets were not to be had for love nor money. Front wishes to thank all those who came by his booth and/or hollered from the crowd. Special ups are distributed to the cadre of VSP folk who turned his merch table into a social hub.

Speaking of Penny Arcade, the new take of the vocal considerably improves their theme song. Have a listen.

Front heads today directly from Seattle to the playa for a week of solitude, serenity, and sober contemplation. If you want to interview him or buy him gift certificates for pie, be advised that he won't be looking at many emails until the second week of September. (Fear not, the store will function without his attention.)

More radio! NPR's Day to Day will be featuring Front in piece on Nerdcore sometime soon. When exactly? Life is a mystery.


Nerdcore Rising, the first and therefore awesomest-to-date Official MC Frontalot Album was mastered last night and sounds kind of dope. It will be back from the pressing plant and ready to release at PAX on August 27th. Front will probably pass around the hit single "Charity Case" a little earlier than that. Mail listees are the best apprised.

Nerdcore awareness blossoms at an alarming pace:

Front was interviewed by Mike Pesca on the Brian Lehrer show this morning on WNYC. You can listen to it in MP3 from their archive.

Front is expected to feature prominently in a piece on Nerdcore Hip-Hop appearing in the October issue of XXL. Their angle may be how wack he is. If so, Front can't really argue. Due to a wormhole in space, the October issue hits stands in early September, so take that opportunity to thumb through it carefully or bring it home to enjoy later.

And if you are in the world's giantest city, look out for Front in an imminent issue of Folha de S. Paulo. Aha! PDF here.

Upcoming appearances! You know about the Penny Arcade Expo, don't you? You should. It's on. Front plays Saturday night, prior to MC Chris. And! Front will do some kind of a rapping set at center camp at Burning Man this year. At some point in the week. Probably. Schedules get nebulous up there.

And back to the album... big-sized thanks go out to the people who made it happen: keyboardist Gm7 (née Charisma+1), bassist Black Lotus, drummer The Categorical Imperative, beatsmith Baddd Spellah, bent circuit expert Doc Popular, stoned-ass bald dude DJ Earflaps, cellist JBB, master of mastering Alex Thériot, guest rappers MC Hawking and Jesse Dangerously, album artists Tony Moore and Campbell Whyte, and our gracious host at the dinner party of life, the Flying Spaghetti Monster.


Okay! Last night's Crash Mansion show went quite well, despite Front's occasional inability to say lots of words quickly in the proper order. To those who point out (rightly) that this is all we ask of him, Front promises this: the Pr0n S0ng will be totally and completely memorized by the dawn of PAX.

Jeff Rowland (Front's only Australian Aboriginal friend) made it down from the wilds of MA to enjoy the show (or else to hang out with his fellow comicists). He lent Front's poorly org'd shirt concession the air of Dumbrella professionalism.

The new album! Front toils many hours each day in front of the mix-o-tron, turning dreams into uncompressed stereo data. It will be ready for Seattle. And it will be on sale in the store. And it will be rad.

You think you are a huge genius? Get past level six then.


It's the end of the world as we know it! Front plays one last gig in NYC before moving to Boston. Do not miss it.

MC Frontalot
Saturday, July 30th
9 PM
Crash Mansion
199 Bowery (map)
New York City
21 and over
Ten Dollars

There's a flyer here: (linky) which you should send to your friends. Also mention that Nerdcore Hip-hop is not going to reign supreme unless Frontalot can prove to club promoters that a crowd gathers to see him on a Saturday Night.

The Gallery of Cute Chicks Wearing My Shirt has a few new pics. And all of them are girls, if you can believe it.

Can't get to NY? How about Seattle? No? What, are you trapped under a heavy object? Well, here's a track from last month's gig at The Bitter End. The rest of the show's in the VSP section.

eToychest, you like the fronting.

Important News At The Bottom! MC Frontalot's first official actual real compact disc is coming out August 27th. It will be inexpensive, shiny, and perfect for home use or listening on the go. The title is "Nerdcore Rising," it will have 16 tracks (new material and newly recorded favorites with plenty of beatwork from Baddd Spellah), and you had better start wondering about it right now.


Front and bandmates made short work of the house rocking chores last night at New York's historic Bitter End. Debuted were the newly re-awesomeized Special Delivery / My Sister medley and the disco version of Hassle: The Dorkening. You can listen to the whole gig if you are a member of Frontalot's Valued Sucker Program (join!). If you boast no such membership, consider yourself impoverished. Culturally. Feeling charitable, Front offers one track to the unvalued.

If you missed the show, do not despair! It is not too late to uproot your life, move to the East Coast, and check out MC Frontalot's real actual final show that he's ever going to do (before moving to Boston and occasionally coming to New York to play anyway)!

This is the big'n, kids. A red hot summer Saturday night in a venue where it's going to feel empty if we don't have many hells of fools in attendance. So help Front get the word out.

Did you notice that Front is Jeff Rowland's only black friend? The layers of hilarity are like those of a funny, funny onion.

Readers of Wired News are glad to know that Frontalot still describes his rapping as mediocre. Rest assured that he will continue to do this even if he some day becomes good at rapping.

Front has a back log of gallery arts and cute chicks to post. Please keep sending such things in, even though they tend to ripen in his inbox for such inexcusable spans.


Happy day to you, o aficionado of war remembrance and/or barbecue! Front shed his boyhood lo these several years ago, and this day marks the passage.

Speaking of shedding things, MC Frontalot seems to have sloughed off his live-stage-rocking inhibitions. There is another public display of his rapping prowess scheduled for late June:

MC Frontalot w/ full band
Thursday, June 23rd
10 PM
The Bitter End
147 Bleecker Street
(between Thompson and LaGuardia)
New York City
21 and over
seven dollars

This may or may not be your final opportunity to see Front onstage in New York. While we only point this out in order to alarm you into attendance, it is quite possibly true. He moves to Boston right after PAX and will probably be pilloried there or else burned as a witch.

Another chance! The lovely young songstress Jess Klein has asked Front to do an unnecessary rap breakdown in her lone reggae number Soda Water. This occurs June 15th at The Living Room. Come on by!

But let us address the most pressing issue of the day. Did Front enjoy Episode III? Yes! Did he deem it a worthy successor to any SW product created before he turned twelve (including the ewok special)? NOOOOoOOOoooooooOOooooo.


That was some good clean fun! Front rocked the heck out of the Slipper Room in New York last night, to the delight of a full house. Thanks for coming out, folks! The solid showing ensures a hot Sattidy night sometime soon, in an even fancier lower-east-side venue. Get ye onto the mailing list to make sure you don't miss it.

Gizmodo stuck around to interview Front after the proceedings. Read all about it!

An appropriately lo-fi bootleg of the entire concert is forthcoming, along with little video snippets and etc. These will be made available to members of the Valued Sucker Program. Oughtn't you join now in anticipation?

Let's change topics. Things to click on the internet include: Robin's big date (quciktime, 20MB), the perfect game of Super Mario Bros III, start complaining about your sore throat, you're soaking in it!, a song about robots, a better song about robots, samples envisioned, and back to Batman.


See MC Frontalot live in concert! Do not miss this fabulous full set wherein Front's 3-piece band backs him across a robust assortment of his popular ditties:

Wednesday, May 11
10 PM
The Slipper Room
167 Orchard
@ Stanton, NYC
five bucks
(flyer to mail to your chums)

Tell your friends! Warn your enemies! Front must fill the house in order to be taken seriously on the New York night club circuit. And you all know how Front feels about being taken seriously. Help him spread the word anyhow.

Latest recording is still "Oh, The Hilarity," a rollickingly tearful outing with dire beat by Baddd Spellah. You can listen to thirty seconds here, but the whole track is reserved as your incentive to donate ten bucks towards ongoing tsunami relief efforts.

Also! New cute chicks in the gallery, new fan arts including one by Jeff Rowland (RIP) and new pages in Campbell Whyte's CD Booklet Project.


Front issued mouth noises into an amplified sound scheme Saturday night at the Collymore in Brooklyn. It was a solid warm-up gig. Next New York show to be announced fairly soon.

Following were the awesomely nerdcore Mathematicians, whose impeccable taste and infectious stage hijinks serve as an inspiration to us all. Check them out.

Front was likewise honored to perform in the company of Brandon Patton, an independently minded rocker late of the Twin Cities. See his web page for entire albums of free songs.

Speaking of web sites, Indie Pop Cares A Lot is live and ready to pass the CDs out. Getting one of your own is the way to hear the brand new MC Frontalot song ("Oh, The Hilarity") in its entirety. And it is the only way. The CD nets you exclusive tracks from Brother Machine, MC Hawking, FBF, Add, Raised by Wolves, and other hotshots of the net set. The CD is free in exchange for a receipt showing that you've recently coughed up ten bucks for tsunami relief. Not a bad deal all around. Can someone please post this on Fark and Slashdot?

To whet the old appetite, check out annoyingly short samples of the whole album, including 30 seconds of Front's contribution.


SHORT NOTICE SHOW! MC Frontalot performs a modest set of six or seven songs with live drum and bass accompaniment at C'Fizz, aka The Collymore, this weekend:

Saturday, April 2nd, 10:00 PM
18 Putnam btw. Downing & Grand
Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, New York

five bucks

Please attend.

Please also find a couple hundred dollars in an old shoe and use it to get a ticket to Seattle for PAX'05, where Front rocks the stage with full band on August 27th. Cheap expo registration evaporates soon.

There is a brand new song "in the can," and by that we mean finished. It is called "Oh, The Hilarity," and it features another beautiful beat by Baddd Spellah. Acquire it along with the rest of the Indie Pop Cares A Lot tsunami victims' benefit record, which will be available at the project's site by the weekend.

Also featured on the IPCAL album is Add, whose new CD Divider does not seem to surrender control of the loop play on Front's winamp. Nor should it.

Front apologizes to those who have written to him in recent years and been ignored. In some cases it was because Front is a dick, while in others the culprit was Front's spam filter. Front has rigged it so that any emails containing the word bandersnatch pass through unscathed. Please try again.


What is true? This is true! That MC Frontalot is playing the Penny Arcade Expo for the second year in a row. Want to go there and jump up and down and geek out and play video games and see Front do his whole mic-rocking routine? It is in the upper lefthand corner of the continental US, so maybe it is far away from you. It is far away from Front too! That is no excuse! Buy your ticket now—August 26th through 28th will sneak up on you otherwise.

Who will Front share the stage with in Bellevue? Optimus Rhyme, Minibosses, and MC Chris. It is about as close to a nerdcore extravaganza as you can get.

Have you caught Chris' tour? Front saw the Arlene's Grocery gig and can vouch for his onstage awesomeness. Many opportunities remain!

Front's new song is brewing. It is for a tsunami relief compilation and will not be very hilarious. Oh well!


Which dumbrella cartoonist did Front hang out with Friday night? Make sure you guess the right one. It is a trick question because the answer is: all of them!

John Allison makes scarygoround and talks funny, as if he were from somewhere far away. Probably New Zealand.

Jeff Rowland is a miscreant of the highest order, yet he took the time to thoughtfully inscribe this rhyme in Front's copy of the 2nd wigu book: "Well my name's Topato / and I'm here to say / dismay chardonnay / fillet cabernet / bombay faberge / melee Fay Raye / sashay." He seemed disappointed that MC Frontalot could not readily supply a rhyme for poison.

Rosie (I think that's his frat name) does funny animal comics. Cloudy (also more familiar an address than Front uses with him) does comics with one funny animal and one tragically crippled human. There are no humans in Mr. Bell's illustration repository. And Front's red robot hoody exposed him as a bit too much of a fan boy for Sam Brown to chat comfortably with.

And why were so many luminaries collected at one beer-drinking event? It was the birthday of mister r. stevens. Someone mentioned that he also makes some kind of web comic but it was not clear which.


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