MC Frontalot
Which MC Was That?

You got MC confusion? I’m Frontalot!
If I were MC Frontalittle I’d be telling you only ever what I’m not,
but I am the most frontingest.
Carving off the obfuscation, little something just
to confuse you with. And like a villain,
I got conundrums. your empty head they gonna fill in.
Still in effect, the mock you made:
my dexterity ain’t 20 when the skills are displayed?
It’s alright, I took it as a compliment.
Shows you know nerdcore’s extent.

Which MC was that? I can’t recollect.
Heard him on the internet. It was MC Front-a-something,
but I didn’t hit save.
Which MC was that? I couldn’t say.

Was it MC Chicken-in-the-Hat? I remember him.
He was a fat dude. Wait, was he thin?
Now I know I seen his video up on The Box,
with the dirty-ass beak, calling roosters cocks.
Got a feather like a pimp swaying up on the side.
MC Chicken-in-the-Hat got pride.
But I can’t recall if it was him or not.
(Pssst! It was MC Frontalot.)
Was it MC Razzle-Dazzle? Was it MC Plain?
Was it MC Indamirra AKA MC Vain?
Was it MC Pain-in-my-ears-just-to-listen?
(If it was him I wouldn’t miss him.)
Was it MC Elephant, that would be relevant
‘cause of how my memory got crooked, now it’s hella bent.
Lemme think, I’ll figure out:
what MC are they talking about?

Maybe it was MC Matter-of-Fact,
got the authenteezy easy riding his act.
Always speaking the truth, never fronts one bit.
He and DJ So-Sincere don’t quit.
But I think for some reason that it wasn’t him.
Wait, was it was MC Outonna Limb?
With the very risky rapping, don’t know what’ll happen
to the time; a verbal contortionist
squeezing tongue portions, sublime
on the mic ‘cept for when the bough’s breaking.
Picked him out the line-up, mistaked him.
Yo, it was definitely MC Wrong
rocking jam after jam of inaccurate songs.
Then again, it could have been MC Insight
striking suckers stone blind with the lyrical light.
Must confess, I’m hard pressed to be certain.
Was it MC Hides-Behind-the-Curtain
calling “pay no attention to man on the mic.”
Must be a wizard when he rhymes so tight.
You’re having difficulty dredging out your brain: the fact
of which MC was that?

Step up, poindexter, act smarter than you are.
About to pull the MC name out the jar
and whoever guessed closest wins a nine-sided die
and a gift certificate to Fry’s.
Yo, the moniker is MC Frontalot,
I got a +1 bag of nerdcore hip-hop,
and my mail list busted a hundred so I’m famous.
It’s unbelievable nobody knows what my name is.

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Keyboards: Gminor7 | Drums: The Categorical Imperative | Sax: Matt Steckler
posted on 2005-08-28