MC Frontalot

This is the MC Frontalot lyrics archive. These are the officialest lyrics you can possibly obtain. If you perceive inconsistencies between a recorded vocal and any lyric, it is probably because of a hearing disability or brain malfunction (on your part). Seek the aid of a licensed audiologist or neurosurgeon immediately.

All of MC Frontalot's lyrics make perfect sense. If you are having trouble understanding one or more of them, you may a) bring it up with that neurosurgeon or b) post a question to the FAQ.

An Archive of MC Frontalot Lyrics
We would like to briefly address the issue of the singular and plural in lyric(s). As far as MC Frontalot is concerned, one song has one lyric. Multiple songs have multiple lyrics. One song does not have lyrics, even though most people use the word that way without ill effect. Well, fuck those people. If you want to be awesome, start talking like MC Frontalot. That goes for most issues in diction and usage, but you can start with lyric/lyrics and work your way up from there.