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Dir: Carly Monardo
04:49 | MOV | iPhone | MOV-HD | Lyrics | VSP # 15
Another harrowing adventure awaits as three mech pilots (MC Frontalot, ZeaLouS1, and Dr. Awkward) face off against a gargantuan roundworm from the nether galaxies. Thrill along with the team as they spring into an active debate of bot interconnection strategy and attendant technical considerations. Will the UltraMegaFauna wield its Energy Machete in time to rescue the American Midwest from certain peril? Find out in this week's uncontainable episode, now in sparkling 1080p HD here or on ewwwtuuub.
Carly Monardo | posted on 5.12.2013
Dir: Max Isaacson
03:35 | MOV | MOV-HD | Lyrics | VSP # 11
A chilling tale of indecision and loss, presented in cheerful puppet format. What will felt Front do when he discovers a valuable, mystical item for sale in front of his Brooklyn apartment building? Perhaps he will buy it? That is what most adventurers would probably do. Maybe Front will do that. OR WILL HE? Also available in full 1080p at the yootoob.
Max Isaacson | posted on 2.10.2012
Dir: John C. Bradbury
03:16 | MOV | Lyrics | VSP # 13
Front's faced with a challenging marathon of Grammys & Groupies gameplay when evil dungeonmaster Brian Posehn subjects the players to the harshest adventure modules in the entire Basic edition: Pop Sensation, Critical Darling, and Elder Statesman Vs. Broken Relic. Will our intrepid aging man-child and his three-dork cohort defeat Death itself? PLEASE NOTE: though the file is currently presented in Quicktime format, it will not sync audio to video correctly in the Quicktime for Windows player. Use VLC. Also available on the youtube.
Fight | Full credits | posted on 11.22.2011
Dir: Mohit Jaswal
06:32 | MOV | iPhone | Lyrics | VSP # 3
It is the future! There has been an electrical revolt, and humanity's gadgetry has taken over the planet. A few sad and filthy nerdcore rappers survive in a bunker, watching archival footage from the day all this nonsense started and hoping against hope that no robots come in here and wreck all their shit.
Mohit Jaswal's YouTube Chan | posted on 3.30.2011
Dir: Mac Isaacson
03:38 | MOV | iPhone | Lyrics | VSP # 6
Because Japan is getting menaced by various unearthly forces, their prime minister turns for help to a dude in a lab coat. Will this dude have good ideas for solving things worldwide? How's this for a good idea: Flying Commando Rocket Bear Brigade. Spoiler: it solves things BUT GOOD.
Max Isaacson | posted on 9.10.2010
Dir: Shawna Mills
03:26 | MOV | MP4 | Lyrics | VSP # 2
MC Frontalot is stranded in prehistoric times after he discovers that the charger for his time machine was sold separately. What will happen when he tries to ensnare the burly local cave folk with a cleverly worded gadget connectivity billing agreement? Perhaps there will be violence?
Shawna Mills | posted on 7.7.2010
For the G4 Network, 2008
00:30 | MOV | DivX | XviD | iPhone | Lyrics | VSP # 8
Frontalot geeks out on a couch in service of G4's brand identity. Selloutacular! Song is a little ditty about old consoles. Graphics are fancy-ass and awesome. Various formats.
Flash version @ G4 | posted on 6.17.2008
From Penny Arcade Expo 2007 DVD
04:25 | DivX | Lyrics | VSP # 1
MC Frontalot, Gm7, Blak Lotus, and "Dragon" Lance Lossless, live onstage in front of about 5,000 youngsters, Seattle WA, 2007. This is ripped from the 2007 DVD, an autographed copy of which is available in the store for your purchasing pleasure. File is roughly thirty-one megs. DivX with AC3 audio. Or see the toobz link below.
YouTube version | posted on 6.10.2008
In French.
07:59 | DivX | VSP # 4
A nice Swiss fellow stopped by the Underhill Downs rehearsal basement while the gents were getting ready for the Secrets From The Future tour. This charming segment resulted. Warning: it is like 80MB.
Fight | posted on 5.1.2008
MC Frontalot and MC Lars
03:28 | DivX | VSP # 18
We drove overnight from Columbus to make this 8AM TV news appearance. Watch as Front's joke about video cards falls flatter than an unleavened cracker! Thrill as Lotus, Lossless, and Gm7 back up Lars and Front live in the studio. Be amazed by weather updates onscreen during. Aired March 2007.
posted on 5.1.2008
02:00 | DivX | VSP # 17
Our cramped project studio at Underhill Downs. Gm7 and Blak Lotus do the nth take of their funky disco jam for Hassle. Later, it will be chopped up in Cool Edit. Shot by Front in 2005.
Fight | posted on 4.29.2008
Dir: Jason Thomas
04:22 | MOV | DivX | VSP | Lyrics | VSP # 7
A tragic story of childbirth, aptitude, and revenge. And by 'tragic,' we mean 'spectacularly amusing.' From the album Secrets From The Future. Hi-Def divx version is for VSP members only, but you can get the same file on BitTorrent. There's also YouTube for all your blurry video embedding needs.
Red Rocket Farm | posted on 11.9.2007
Dir: Jason Scott
05:08 | MOV | DivX | Lyrics | VSP # 5
Front geeked around for an evening in a basement in Massachusetts. It got filmed in HD. Then Jason Scott made a whole video out of it. The song and the video are in service of Jason's upcoming documentary about text adventures, Get Lamp, but you get to enjoy it now. Peek the cameo by Steve Meretzky. Also available: (1280x720 HiDef) or YouTube (craptacular).
ASCII | posted on 7.29.2007
01:06 | DivX | VSP # 21
Blak Lotus has a bunch of his nerd lads over to play Magic in the basement of the Frontalot housing compound in Brooklyn. Cameo by Doggy Fresh.
posted on 7.28.2007
Dir: Negin Farsad; Co-Dir: Kimmy Gatewood; Ed: Andrew Mendelson
02:48 | MOV | VSP # 10
This is the first proper trailer for the Nerdcore Rising documentary. Look how awesome this movie is going to be! Get it while it is hot. You can see it on YouTube too.
Movie Site | posted on 7.28.2007
Dir: Lucy Dee
28:54 | DivX | VSP # 12
Half-hour segment with a bunch of songs and an interview. See mcf and bandmates at the launch of their touring career. Youthful exuberance abounds!
Lucy Dee | posted on 7.28.2007
Dir: Dom Mah
03:36 | MOV | Lyrics | VSP # 14
Album version. Inspired when Mr. Mah used a cheesy pocket cam to capture Front and Gm7 attempting to dance to their own recording at a bowling alley in Albany, CA.
TA91 | posted on 1.20.2006
From Penny Arcade Expo 2005 DVD
06:38 | MOV | Lyrics | VSP # 9
Nerdcore Rising and Gonna Be Your Man. Ripped from the DVD that you probably already have, but if not, get it from ThinkGeek.
PAX | posted on 1.20.2006
Dir: Danny Wilson
02:41 | XviD | Lyrics | VSP # 16
A video mash-up or whatever you kids call it these days. Plenty of Cowboy Be-Bop footage arranged over the old demo of Crime Spree.
posted on 8.15.2003
00:22 | MOV | VSP # 20
A brief instructional video: how to throw the nerdcore hand signal. It is just ASL for the letter N. Practice along at home.
Fight | posted on 3.31.2003
Dir: Dom Mah
03:47 | DivX | Lyrics | VSP # 19
The first fan vid ever created. From conflicted Los Angelino Dominic Mah.
TA91 | posted on 6.9.2002