MC Frontalot
Newsflashes from Bygone Eras

Here's that Zero Day title track for you: download the HD video, telephone-friendlier video, mp3, aac. Or just drive up the youtube count endlessly, so that Front feels like a popular rapper. If you like this song, check out the other singles on the CD page! You could even buy a copy there (physical, mp3, FLAC, whatevs) so that Front can feel both popular and solvent.


The brand new video is online! See it at io9 today, download it from our videos section tomorrow. It is the title track from the Zero Day album, directed by Mohit Jaswal and co-starring ytcracker and int80 of Dual Core. Enjoy!


PAX is just around the corner! Front and bandmates rock the Friday night program (3/11) with Metroid Metal and the Protomen. And you can get your fill of handshakes, signatures, and merchy goodness (including an exclusive PAX'11 poster) at Front's booth in Bandland all weekend long.

Immediately afterward? South By Southwest! This year's official nerdcore showcase is Tuesday night (3/15), in order to overlap with SXSWi, and is open to all stripes of SXSW badgeholder. If you are not thusly enstripened, stay tuned for two free Austin shows, Friday (3/18) at the Highball and Saturday (3/19) at El Cedro. Details adorn the gig calendar; seek them there.

New nerdcore albums! The ThoughtCriminals have just put out Cold Winter, and Random (AKA MegaRan) has dropped his Black Materia, a whole disc of FFVII beats. Both artists in the SXSW showcase, so come prepared.

Speaking of new nerdcore albums, MC Frontalot is hard at work on one. It won't appear until late August, though, so you'd better purchase some extra copies of his earlier efforts to keep him in rent and cheesy poofs while he toils.

What can we tell you about this next album? Only that it is going to solve everything. Oh, and the brilliant Ms. Kristen Schaal will stop by for a skit. If you are not watching (hearing!) her on Bob's Burgers, you are likely at some point to suffer from crippling regret.

Speaking of regret, Front already feels bad about having made this little dance edit of Charlie Sheen's radio meltdown on Alex Jones last week. The Sturgenius on drums.

Oh and hey! Jhonen V's fantastic Zero Day cover, in a fancy, slimy new color scheme, is a beautiful and shiny poster, on sale at Topatoco. And Len Peralta's Geek-A-Week trading cards are on sale at ThinkGeek, and Front's in the inaugural set. Front's own feeble scrawlings remain free. That's the news for now. Be safe out there and remember, only play lotto to win.