MC Frontalot
Newsflashes from Bygone Eras

New York! You must buy some tickets to Front's December 10th show at the new Brooklyn Knitting Factory. Math The Band and Alyson Greenfield are opening. Front presents a full-band show, featuring the return of Gm7! Be not neglectful in your schedulations.

Front is triumphantly disembarked from a southern tour jaunt with Schaffer and chris! Now he readies his belly for fatted fowl, a carcass freshly felled in celebration of our genocide-themed holiday. Won't you celebrate along? Jeffrey will be on top of it, as usual.

Speaking of holy days, do you have a present-exchanging ceremony on your horizon? Would some MC Frontalot Merchandise be an appropriate substitute for a thoughtful and personal gift? If so, get your orders placed before December 15th for best hope of timely receipt.

Se the news previous for our latest video offerings.


There's a fresh new second video for Spoiler Alert -- this one will appeal to the more literal-minded among you. It is a fan editing effort (by Dakota Miller) and you should spread it far and wide. Do not, however, neglect the original official Spoiler Alert video (by Max Isaacson), which is a triumph and has rocket bears.

While we're reviewing the videoey goodness from the current Zero Day album, Shawna Mills's fantastic First World Problem video remains totally viewable, tweetable, emailable, blog-embeddable, etcetra-ble.

Okay! Webcomics Weekend is up next. November 6th, Easthampton MA. See here for details.

Then? Front and Schaffer open for mc chris in Austin, Houston, Orlando, Atlanta, Columbia (SC), and Carborro (NC). Tickets are enlinkened, and everything's on the calendar.

Calendars? Mark yours for December 10th in Brooklyn, NY, USA. Frontalot plays the Knitting Factory there with his full band, including the triumphant return of Gm7 on keys. Front hasn't played NY since February, so this is a special event. Invite the compadres.

Speaking of Gm7 and things that are in New York: the song cycle "29" has a one-night engagement at Joe's Pub. Front will be there. Ought not you be too? In other headlines... Bl4k Lotus gets crushed upon... Matt Steckler has a free track and a new album coming... our MC gets a new telephone... Former Fat Boys have a video for Dinosaurus with a brief cameo by Front... a meatier Front cameo in this Paul & Storm minifilm... an interview on a LOLcats book from the late forties... and, it was Halloween the other night, so here are five dudes who dressed up like Front.


Friday is W00tstock, you guys. W00tstock! Paul and Storm, Jonathan Coulton, Adam Savage, Marian Call, Drew Curtis, Grant Imahara... and Front will do his little set with Jason Finn on the drums. You ought to get a ticket.

Then it's Hell's Eve. Send in pics of your Frontalot costumes. Bestest one gets a free packet of merchy goodies delivered in the post.

New England Web Comics Weekend is upon us! Front's there with 5pm and 7pm solo sets on the 6th. Attend ye, attend ye.

Speaking of solo sets, MC Frontalot does one over and over between the 12th and the 19th of November, tagging along with Schaffer for the mc chris tour. Are you twixt Austin and Carborro? Details are on the calendar.