MC Frontalot
Newsflashes from Bygone Eras

Friday is W00tstock, you guys. W00tstock! Paul and Storm, Jonathan Coulton, Adam Savage, Marian Call, Drew Curtis, Grant Imahara... and Front will do his little set with Jason Finn on the drums. You ought to get a ticket.

Then it's Hell's Eve. Send in pics of your Frontalot costumes. Bestest one gets a free packet of merchy goodies delivered in the post.

New England Web Comics Weekend is upon us! Front's there with 5pm and 7pm solo sets on the 6th. Attend ye, attend ye.

Speaking of solo sets, MC Frontalot does one over and over between the 12th and the 19th of November, tagging along with Schaffer for the mc chris tour. Are you twixt Austin and Carborro? Details are on the calendar.


Frontalot rests briefly in New York City. The current tour? A rousing success! Thanks to all who've attended (you made it so).

Still ahead: the band plays Albany on Oct 14th and a set at SuperArtFight in Baltimore on Oct 15th.

After that it's w00tstock in Manhattan (10/29), New England Web Comics Weekend in Easthampton, MA (11/6), and a string of gigs with Schaffer and mc chris from 11/12 through 11/20. Your excuses for having never seen Front live onstage grow ever more thin.

Ken Flagg (AKA Vic-20) keeps the band's exploits safely fastened to the hem of history itself. Read his tour blog and rejoice.


A new single! It is Spoiler Alert, a song that seeks to ruin everything you planned to enjoy this Autumn, and which includes the impossibly rich vocal stylings of one miss Molly Hager.

MP3 or AAC file is ripe for the download, and the video, a seething masterwork of monster invasion and flying commando bear defense, is housed exclusively at Kotaku for the rest of the day. Seek fancy downloadable versions and crappy youtube encodings on our own video page tomorrow. [Update: youtube is go].  And hail loudly our Max Isaacson, conceptualist, video director, and auteur.

Also mentioned at Kotaku: some September/October tour dates! These are already real AND UPDATED:

9/18 Mesa AZ
9/23 Austin TX
9/25 Northampton MA
9/27 Hamden CT
9/29 Providence RI
9/30 Boston MA
10/6 Pittsburgh PA
10/7 Cleveland OH
10/8 Ann Arbor MI
10/14 Albany NY
10/15 Baltimore MD

...with more dates filling in the late Sept and early Oct gaps. Please stay tuned for additions and details.

Speaking of touring, did you hear that Front will join Schaffer the Darklord for a week of mc chris shows in November? You'll want to know more. You will know more. Patience, young jedi.

As if these newsflashes, short films, and audio entertainments were not enthralling enough, let us pause to remember the incredible PAXiness so recently concluded. There are photos and photos and photos, filmed evidence of our good MC's inability to keep the meme infestation at bay, and a Ken Flagg (AKA Vic-20) tour diary or two to wrap things up. As ever, Front extends his deepest thanks to the Penny Arcade staff, the Enforcers, and the thousands of fans who make it all rock so hard.