MC Frontalot
Newsflashes from Bygone Eras

The new MC Frontalot album, Zero Day, is released today. You can order the physical CD with instant download, or buy the less expensive download-only version here at If you have an iTunes gift card, nab it there. Same goes for But we recommend you get your digital versions from the source because that's your only avenue for the 24-bit FLAC version, which is the fanciest version of the album audio that can possibly exist.

Let's discuss the album a little bit, shall we? (That was rhetorical; we are already going to discuss it.) It came out pretty well! There are many wonderful people on it. Mike Doughty is kind enough to sing on Wil's theme song, and you can hear that song whole because it is the first single. John Hodgman freewheels through a fake trivia challenge, and his conversation with MC Frontalot is enshrined in skit form. Similarly, Sara Benincasa lends her unparalleled comedy talents to the enterprise for an examination of first world problems (another skit, let us be plain). Nerdcore rappers ytcracker, Dual Core, Beefy, and Schaffer The Darklord make appearances, as does chap-hop mastermind Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer. There is an assortment of brilliant songstresses, including Jane Silence, Molly Hager, and Kimmy Gatewood. Front's current touring keyboardist Vic-20 lends his angelic voice, and you will be glad to discover that all of your favorite guitars, drum machines, actual drums, basses, scratches, and synth hooks remain part of the magical Frontalot recipe. You will even find Randall Munroe on the album, tormenting our good MC via the telephone.

Anyway, check it out.

Front remains on tour throughout April and May. The dates are handily listed on the info page.

And! There is a new quest at Kingdom Of Loathing to commemorate the album release (perhaps because of the new KoL theme on that album). Front will now go play it until he passes out. Don't look at him that way. The next show isn't until Thursday night.


Frontalot is on tour with the whole darn band! See them. There may be even more posted soon on the gig calendar.

  • 3/30 - Camden NJ (at Rutgers) early & FREE
  • 4/3 - Asheville NC - Late show!
  • 4/5 - Chapel Hill NC - All Ages
  • 4/8 - Charlotte NC - 18+
  • 4/9 - Atlanta - All Ages
  • 4/12 - Athens - 18 and up
  • 4/13 - Gainesville FL - All Ages
  • 4/14 - Jacksonville FL - All Ages
  • 4/17 - Austin TX - 18+
  • 4/18 - Dallas TX
  • 4/19 - Oklahoma City
  • 4/20 - Little Rock AR
  • 4/22 - Hot Springs AR
  • 4/23 - Fayetteville AR
  • 4/24 - Wichita KS
  • 4/26 - Denver
  • 5/4 - San Francisco
  • 5/5 - Los Angeles
  • 5/8 - Seattle
  • 5/10 - Portland OR
  • 5/13 - Rock Island IL
  • 5/14 - Saint Paul MN
  • 5/15 - Chicago
  • 5/16 - DeKalb
  • 5/17 - Madison
  • 5/18 - Cleveland
  • 5/19 - Pittsburgh
  • 5/21 - Philidelphia (at Nerdrage)

Wowsers, look at all those tour dates! Tell a friend.


Big triangular play button, upper left? Hit that and enjoy the dulcet tones of Mike Doughty (guest starring on Front's new album) while you read about the tour:

The tour!? Indeed. It launches this weekend at EPAX.

There's details on the calendar, though we hope you will forgive us if we update the showtimes as we go along (a number of them are guesses). Also! There's a a whole return leg on the west coast and through the midwest throughout May, which we'll be announcing extra soon. Who wants to be on a street team? Drop us a note.