MC Frontalot
Newsflashes from Bygone Eras

Alright, folks! The new album is called Zero Day. It is "in the can" (can of audio tape? film stock?) and comes out in early April. Stand by for secret clues about how awesome it is.

Front, The CI, Gm7, and Blak Lotus journey to central MA to play the Meat For Tea shindig with old pals The Mathematicians on Saturday night. Attend. Next weekend it's the Frontalot plus Brandon Patton Non-Superbowl-Related Celebration at Pianos. They will provide some kind of sporting contest to entertain you. Perhaps fisticuffs. Then on Mon the 8th you are expected in Allston (which is like Boston but with an "All" sound at the beginning) at Harper's Ferry for some more Patton on Frontalot action. Tickets here.


Front is on the huntdown after a new booking agent! Use all of your think-power to recommend a good lead. A little more on that is here.

Weirdly at odds with this report of agentlessness, we bring you another new performance date: Feb 20th at the NC Comedy Arts Festival.That one's going to be an extra big, extra wonderful show, so get your tickets locked down right the heck now. Not on the calendar yet, but happening: South By Southwest! Probably Mar 17th. Stay tuned.


Front wishes a grand and happy new year to each of you! The new album will be mastered in 25 days, then unleashed on the public at PAX East. Plan accordingly.

Here's a very nice new music video of Front and Lars rapping about video games, from Lars's latest full album, which you should already have. The clip was shot late one night at Nerdapalooza, and it has almost every nerdcore person in the known universe in it somewhere, bobbing, nodding, or looking bored. Take a look. You will not look bored while watching, promise.