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Flash! [12.13] New song "Fresh Dog" on music page & at Song Fight all week.

Pry your cohorts away from their Crashbox360's, fire up the transport, and take a roadtrip to sunny Manhattan Island where Front and co make a triumphant return visit to their recent digs. We're talking about a LIVE SHOW folks!

Details are to the left of this very news box. Above the quote of the week. Yes there, you see them. Good.

If you're already in New York, dig on some cable access over the next week. Frontalot's summer appearance at The Bitter End is immortalized therein! Here's the sched:
Sat 12/10 @ 10:30pm on Ch 56
Tue 12/13 @ 7pm on Ch 56
Wed 12/14 @ 9:30pm on Ch 57

Nerdcore Rising is in the store and ready to stuff stockings! All orders enter the mail within 24 hours! Depending how far you are from California, you can probably get your stocking stuffed if you order before Dec 20th! That sounds kind of nasty, but it is true.

You can also buy the new premium edition of the album at Amazon. It is the same except way more expensive. Good for if you have a gift certificate. Coming soon to ThinkGeek as well. You can get the album on iTunes now, too! Which is kind of exciting until you realize that they forgot to list it as a single album. Maybe they'll fix that soon. Till then, if you only want a few tracks, that's your spot.

Hey, who wants to do a bunch of PHP/MySQL programming for the upcoming brand new Frontalot site? Wait, you're saying YOU want to? That is awesome! Write him mail about it. Include a brief description of your experience with such things and at least one reason why you'd do it for free.

Did you see Front in XXL magazine back in October? If not, rejoice in the fact that scanners exist. Same goes for today's Tar Heel.

Dancing. Dancing! DANCING!! That is what Front was doing (dancing) (with glee) when he finally solved The Dark Complex. It actually added IQ points to his brain in the process. Try it out. You are definitely going to need paper and pencil. Of course, Front used a pen.


Frontalot's album enters its second printing as of today. Buy it from Front directly using the power of paypal. If you hate paypal too much (or have a gift certificate or something) there is also the Amazon option.

If instead it is MC Frontalot who you hate too much, maybe you should shop for music that better suits cool kids like you.

Speaking of those accursed cool kids, they are nowhere to be found in the dorkish comedy of the Ministry of Unknown Science. Their weekly video podcast thing is newly launched and classically awesome.

Hey now! Tell your friends about Front's next show. It is listed on the left there above the quote of the week.

And if you're talking to them anyway, tell them to bid recklessly on Front's Tascam US-428 (it is too late). He used it to record Nerdcore Rising, a fact which imbues it with a tiny shred of unripened nostalgia.

There are fresh faces in the cute chicks gallery. There are new pages in the fan arts gallery. There is a new feeling in the air! Perhaps we should check the air conditioning for malfunction.


Hear Frontalot on NPR's "Day to Day" in their archive (clicky). Is he the only rapper interviewed who does not think it is dumb to use the term "nerdcore?" Heck no, Hawking's on the mic too.

Nerdcore Rising is almost sold out. The second printing is on order. Be one of the last few to get the Historic Very First Edition while supplies last!

LIVE SHOW IN MANHATTAN: At Crash Mansion on Dec. 17th. Late at night. 11PM or so. Details to follow.

Calling all flash animators, cell animators, stop-motion photographers, and other auteurs of the moving image! Front wants a video for Charity Case or any other album track. Will you make him one? Write in for to arrange the arrangements.

Frontal cohort Jesse Dangerously has a new record out. Help to relieve him of it by scrolling down his page and clicking indiscriminately on any "buy now" buttons you find. Speaking of cohorts bearing vendables, Tony Moore's Fear Agent #1 is at your comic book shop. Let its siren call coax you forth.

Creepy death is everywhere! Did we miss halloween? Maybe we're just anticipating Turkey Day.