MC Frontalot
Newsflashes from Bygone Eras

Front, Lotus, Gorthon, the Genius, and Mighty YT are chilling at a Digital Gangster paradise on a lake in one of the Carolinas. Tonight's Charlotte show will witness their reunion with Lars. After that, it's Harrisonburg, Vienna, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and finally Hoboken. Your chances to see this nerdcore miasma in person grow ever more scant. Take heed!


Front thanks everyone for the birth-a-ma-day wishes. He and crew scramble to get to Disneyworld today. Friday it's off to Georgia for the Marietta show. Nerdcore Rising is in Atlanta that same night! Head over right after the film to catch Front's set.


Last night's wild little show in Houston's hidden punk-rock grocery The White Swan ended beautifully with a honky-tonk sing-along. Tonight's New Orleans shindig at Howlin' Wolf should be a little less intimate, yet equally awesome.

You already know all about Front's Jacksonville show on the 2nd, but have you heard about the last-minute birthday blowout in Orlando? It is December 3rd (that is when Front's age notches up again) and the party starts at A Comic Shop at 5pm, then proceeds to Black Box Collective for the rapping portion from 8PM onwards.