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Front and the whole band and some robots grace the stage at PAX East pretty soon! They are lined up for the Saturday Night concert. But! You should cancel all your Boston-leaving plans afterward, because the gang teams up with Random and The World Is Square for an After-PAX blowout at Great Scott on Monday the 14th. Tickets? Tickets!

This week our salty old MC lounges in Berkeley with Ma Front and Doggy Fresh, nursing his fallen arches and reminiscing on the lovely week he so recently had in Austin for SXSW. Can we believe that he has made that journey seven times now? Good lord. This year he caught performances by his Nerdcore Showcase compatriots Random, Schaffer the Darklord, Jesse Dangerously, MC Lars, Dr Awkward, More or Les, Tribe One, Adam Warrock, and Teenburger, as well as all these fine folks: Doug Funnie, The Returners, Tonight The Moon Tomorrow The Sun, Big Freedia, IQ, Flosstradomus, Mother Falcon, Hieroglyphics, Souls of Mischief, Dams, Wheelchair Sports Camp, Sage Francis, M. kHill, Timbuktu, Milo, Open Mike Eagle, Nocando, Busdriver, Rittz, Tech N9ne, and the Stapletones. As Front left town, there was also one singer/songwriter clinging to the fuselage (like in the Twilight Zone movie) but nobody caught his bandname.

Front is working extra hard on his next album, Question Bedtime. It is a collection of fairy tales and folk stories from all over the place! You will use it to menace children, amuse adults, and keep beverages from blemishing wooden table surfaces. More on all this nonsense soon, probably.

For now, content yourself with the new Nocando LP, the third episode of Life With Jeannie, the fresh new mc chris double album, the KS/IGG campaigns for Lars's impending album and Sole's newest project, the Patreon campaigns of Frontal Allied Forces Octopus Pie and Scenes From A Multiverse, Ran's latest video, and whatever foolishness Front posts on Vine.


Long time, no chit chats! Front is deep in the throes of makin' a rekkid, and he hopes you'll all help see him through.

Soon? Take a peek at Front & the Sturgenius rocking SXSW, then the whole band at PAX East! Details will slowly yet certainly accumulate on the Gig Calendar.


Happy Turkey Day, o ye gluttons and family-havers! Front, for his part, is thankful for Art, Love, Hip-Hop, and your kindly continued attentions.

If you're anywhere near Elizabeth, New Jersey, on December 7th, Front hopes you will make it to "The Power of Evocative Language - from Poetry to Rap," a lecture presented by Northern New Jersey Mensa at which Front will be allowed, inexplicably, to bloviate for a spell. Amiri Baraka and Stephen Bard are also on the bill, so it won't be a total waste of your time. Write to to get on the VIP list for $5 tickets.


Winter is headed in this direction! That's a saying, right? Front is sorry that he has not prepared Album Number Six in time for your pagan gift-giving rituals, but he can suggest a few alternatives:

Jean Grae's three-EP Gotham Down cycle is ready for you. It is beautiful and spontaneous and fresh. Bandcamp is your best bet.

Schaffer the Darklord's new one is Sick Passenger, and guess who raps on there? Lots of folks. But also MC Frontalot!

Front also guests on Adam WarRock's The Middle of Nowhere, which is again on Bandcamp. What's with all the Bandcamp? Must be one of those good web sites.

Busdriver and Open Mike Eagle are all over the new Hellfyre Club disc. A round and pleasing stocking stuffer!

Random (also known as MegaRan) presents River City Random, upon which your 16-bit dreams are sure to hinge.

Sole's had three goddamn albums this year, each of them wonderful. Take a look.

Or perhaps your "spirit of givin' people stuff" extends to crowdfunding largesse? Front endorses the following current efforts toward new albums by Math The Band, Paul & Storm, and TMBG's Danny Weinkauf.

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Nerdcore Rising: The Movie

Nerdcore Rising follows MC Frontalot the "Godfather of Nerdcore" on his first national tour to reveal the roots of the genre, the dorky complexities of its artists, and one MC's fight for nerd stardom.
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"Never has a little boy sat so alone at his computer and busted out such in- conceivably thick rhymes. MC Frontalot has tapped the zeitgeist. It is with good reason that he is so very famous and rich."
— Noam Chomsky
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