MC Frontalot
Nerdlife? You live in it.
No types prohibited.
Get your load balanced,
then you distribute it.
Upgrade your talents,
keep the crowd riveted.
Optimal, isn't it?
Nerdlife: you live in it.

Nerdlife: you already dwell there.
Frontalot is right beside you, thick glasses, no hair.
I work a desk job, making rap songs for internet.
I take my hacking with me in the off hours
like I'm itinerant. Bindle stick, sack full of big noggin.
Doesn't matter what I code in, keep it logged in.
Got the sock puppet on Hacker News to back me up.
I hack the traffic lights, traffic jams could fast erupt.
I hack a game of checkers, move out of phase with the board.
Hack reality, the rules are ignored.
This is nerdlife, underscored by many aptitudes.
I rap for you. Engineered my life like hackers do,
and now I'm lead dev on rocking the mic.
Hope you've got an intersection for your inspiration and you to collide.
Hope it blows up and you fly.
This life: you hack for yourself, so decide.
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STUDIO| 00:01:45 | MP3 | #
Commissioned by the fine folks at New Relic, this tasty morsel examines life, how we live it, and how we craft it to our liking.
Beats: Baddd Spellah
New Relic | Video | posted on 2013-01-14