MC Frontalot
Nerdcore Hiphop
mc frontalot can rock the turntable
[wack scratch] I'm unable
nerd core hip hop other rappers run in fear
that I'll put them on the record where their friends could hear
they'd get sneered at, listed: not to be trusted
seen hob-nobbin with the frontalot, busted
"that kid's a dork, he rhyme every day
on the karaoke rappin yo he ain't got anything to say
ain't got no record deal, never will
such a spaz better get his ass some kind of a sedative"
pish-posh! I come as wack as I like
spit-spackle the mic, dispensing my dis-ingenius advice
accuse famous rappers of biting my style
I get shot at
sit at home try to simulate a high hat

wishin' CPU could rock a beat
and hoping that if he does it isn't weak, I'm
wishin' CPU could rock a beat
nerd core hip hop could reign supreme

making mention of my dj CPU
nerd-core hip hop is the style he use
step to my DJ, you better step prepared
he got 28 n 22/50ths squared
just a little more than the beat you thought
frontalot drop-kickin rhythm in the double ought
sought skinny little beats
but returned with the fat of the land
now I got a swollen hip-hop gland
I suffer hypochondria, think my beats is sick
but don't trip, don't trip
i'ma listen to the bootleg mp3
post the frontalot demo on my ftp
run away from the rappers who are just like me
cause they ain't appreciating who my DJ be
Most popular versions of this song
STUDIO| 00:02:31 | MP3 | #
Trademark number, with DJ CPU.
posted on 2000-06-01
LIVE| | 00:03:08 | MP3 | #
Recorded live in Greenwich Village, 06.23.05. This was the farewell performance for DJ CPU V.1.3 SP3. His buttons, as you can hear, were no longer firing single shots reliably.
Keys: Gminor7 | Bass: Blak Lotus | Drums: The Categorical Imperative
posted on 2005-06-23
REMIX| 00:02:41 | MP3 | #
by kid303posted on 2007-07-19