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Upcoming Live Appearances
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Contacting Frontalot & Co.

MC Frontalot welcomes your crush notes, apology demands, and alarming bulletins that you forgot to check on snopes prior to forwarding. Put the word bandersnatch somewhere in your subject heading and it will be easier for Front to rescue your mail should it be kidnapped by his spam-hating bot squad.

Press Inquiries including requests for interviews, printable photos, and press kits (electronic or physical) go to

The Shopkeep fields questions about the store.

Gminor7 is Front's longtime keyboardist and music co-writer, and is a certified master of the fine art of musical theatre.

Blak Lotus kindly agrees to play the bass for Front while maintaining a infinitely more exciting gig as an indie rockstar.

The Categorical Imperative is back in action as the band's resident philosopher king (of drumming).

The Sturgenius holds down the northern part of the Frontalot Northeastern Drummers Association. He is sometimes available for live or studio gigs throughout New England.

Vic-20 is Front's latest live action ivory tickler. Also, he has the voice of an angel. His indie career is in full swing.

Baddd Spellah is a frequent collaborator of Front's and a mighty, mighty beatsmith.

Booking for MC Frontalot

Contact the booking hotline. We know that hotlines are usually phone numbers, but this one is an email box. We will get back to you right away.

If you're looking to bring the unspeakable glee of Frontalot's live nerdcore hip-hop revue to your club, convention, or other venue, here are some data points for you:

  • Four band members (vocals, keys, bass, drums + sampler)
  • Current touring set is 17 songs, aprox 1 hour and 10 minutes.
  • Full stage plot and input list in PDF file here.
  • Draw is anywhere from several dozen to several hundred, depending on city, day of week, time of year, and lead time for promotion.
  • Stage fees are negotiable and generally consist of a door split with a guarantee, plus overnight accomodations. Size of guarantee varies by night of week and required travel. New York and Boston-area performances are usually deemed local.
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Biographical Secrets

MC Frontalot was born in 1973. The fronting has increased exponentially since. platinum albums find MC Frontalot threatening retirement. His legion of fans will sob quietly to themselves.

Journalists and nerdcore historians in need of more thorough biography data are encouraged to request access to the press page.


Do you know of interviews or articles or reviews or segments or frothily fawning featurettes that indicate the existence of MC Frontalot yet are not listed here?

Clue us via email.

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Amongst teh Intarwebs

Needless to say: MC Frontalot will not spam you with enticing offers for penis extension secrets and offshore pharmaceuticals. He will not tip you off to hot penny stocks or beg you to help him launder US$177,000,000.00 that he picked up while running a government office in Chad. He does not care how much you could be saving on your mortgage.

Also, he will not share your address with unsavory internet types or Homeland Security.

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Would you like to suggest a question for the FAQ? Well, you can't. But soon there will be a little submission form for that very purpose, and Valued Suckers will sort out their favorite ones for Front to answer in this very space.

Keep an eye out. Or just be on the mailing list (see above).

FAQ: MC Frontalot Answers Your Questions (Frequently)

Q. Shouldn't it be spelled M.C. Front-a-Lot?

A. No. But feel free to proofread the rest of the site for me.

Q. Aren't there like thousands of nerdcore rappers these days?

A. Please don't exaggerate. It is true, though, that there are many; scores, if not hundreds. You can browse the Wikipedia entry on nchh for those deemed "notable" by someone who typed things into Wikipedia.

Q. Aren't there famous(er) rappers who are nerdcore?

A. Well, sure, if you accept the criterion that rappers are nerdcore just because Front lists them in his FAQ. Bear in mind that none of these have publicly admitted to being entirely geeked out, and some may even consider themselves cool: MC Paul Barman, Del (particularly in Deltron 3030), MF Doom, Doctor Octogon, MC 900 Foot Jesus, Blackalicious (though only in rare moments such as Alphabet Aerobics and Chemistry Calisthentics).

Q. Are there any internet superstars who are not rappers who MC Frontalot likes to listen to?

A. Only a few: Add, The JBB, Frankie Big Face, Kompressor, Drew, Bradsucks, Baddd Spellah, Brother Machine, actually everyone on Indie Pop Cares A Lot, and Andrew Ayers.

Q. If Front were a real nerd wouldn't he tell us which web comix to read?

A. In fact, he would! And they'd be Diesel Sweeties, White Ninja, Dr. McNinja, Cat and Girl, Achewood, Eat My Comix, Overcompensating, Toothpaste for Dinner (also Married to the Sea), Jerk City, Scary Go Round, Exploding Dog, and Goats. You already read Penny Arcade. It is hard to avoid mentioning certain comics that are not (primarily) web comix. So here's those: Perry Bible Fellowship, Tom The Dancing Bug, everything by Tony Moore, Dan Clowes, Dame Darcy, James Kochalka, Jim Woodring, Julie Ducet, Chris Ware, Craig Thompson, Dave Cooper, Charles Burns, Seth, Peter Bagge, Ben Katchor oh duh and Garfield.

Q. Can I be MC Frontalot's friend on a social networking site?

A. Yes! Try him at his MySpace (and his fan-run music profile there). But be careful for your eyes. MySpace has so much ugliness. You can try him at Facebook, too. Or just follow his Twitter.

Q. MC Frontalot, how do I use the internets?

A. It's easy and fun! First, install Firefox. Then get all of the FF extensions that Frontalot treasures: DownThemAll, Firebug, Flashblock, IE Tab, MouseZoom, and Xmarks. This will give you access to "web sites." Next, get a gmail account and start sending everyone you know lists of lawyer jokes that you found on the "web sites." Alternately, get a POP or IMAP account somewhere and use a mail client (Front hates all mail clients too much to recommend one). For advanced internets usage, you'll want to have FlashFXP, BitTorrent (or probably Vuze), a Usenet client (Front's fave, NewsGrabber, has been out of print for a while), WinSCP, UltraVNC, Pidgin, and mIRC. Oh, if you're using an OS named after a cat... I don't know, maybe they still make Fetch? They definitely make Boot Camp to help your computer do normal things.

Q. Why does the text look all blocky and shitty at

A. WinXP: Maybe you don't have font smoothing turned on. Right-click on the destop, choose Properties > Appearance > Effects, then check "Use the following method..." and select ClearType. I can't believe I'm giving you tech support. Also, I heard WinXP doesn't exist any more. Hooray!@!

Q. Can I put MC Frontalot on my internet radio show/personal-use mix CD/answering machine message?

A. Yes, but only if you do all three.

Q. I saw MC Frontalot posting on the [fark/somethingawful/etc] forums. Was that really him?

A. Maybe! Maybe not. It is hard to tell, because internet. You can ask him, if you want, he will tell you if he ever posted somewhere before, and then you won't have to wonder.

Q. Didn't there used to be a Media section? With hilarious fakery?

A. Sure did! It's hidden here, and two of the articles are still broken.

Q. Did Front really convert Edward Gorey's lettering into a typeface?

A. Yup. Long-ass time ago.

Q. Isn't MC Frontalot just a cheesy rap parody novelty act, worth barely a moment's smirking half-appreciation?

A. Ya moms is a cheesy rap parody novelty act, worth barely a moment's smirking half-appreciation! No more questions.

Q. I thought you said no more questions.

A. Okay, one more.

Q. What's the future of Public Enemy?

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