MC Frontalot

My Mom Is The Awesomest

I've got a song on the new record called Captains Of Industry (recently made into an illegal bootleg mashup called Black And Yellow Tee Shirts by the song's costar MC Lars for his illegal bootleg mashup mixtape) and that song is about how Lars and I are superstars of rap but actually our job is being titans of the clothing industry. In other words, we sell you tee shirts to finance our professional music careers. THERE I JUST EXPLAINED THE AMUSING PART FOR YOU. But you will enjoy the song anyway.

Anyway. My tee shirt dispensary sets up shop in clubs where I make sweaty rap for you folks, and aferwards I am the one who hands you nicely bagged tee shirts at the tagged-up folding table where there isn't enough light.

But did you know?

Those bags were probably prepared by my mom. She is the manager and chief of operations over at Nerdcore HQ West in sunny Berkeley, CA. But do not let the temperate climate and pleasant home office environment fool you. My mom runs a sweat shop over there. Since retiring from a high-powered career in finance, my mom (the sole employee at headquarters) spends her days managing my inventory, negotiating with my suppliers, folding my shirts, drop-shipping to my convention appearances, customer-supporting those of you who hit up my store, packaging my merch before taking it to the post office, and worrying that I (HER SON WHO LIVES IN A DREAM PARADISE WHERE I MAKE ART ALL THE TIME) am not getting enough sleep because I rap too late in the evenings.

I was working on the record during mother's day but I wanted to post this then and for always, since my mom is the awesomest. And also if you are an MC Frontalot fan, her awesomeness benefits you materially.

So let's hear it for Ma Front!

Here is my favorite picture of her ever (from burning man), but I don't know if she wants it on internet so I might have to take it down when she notices this post.


NERDLIFE by MC Frontalot :: 6.13.11 :: VSP #29