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Question Bedtime (2014)
Nerdcore RisingSecrets From The FutureFinal BossZero DaySolvedQuestion Bedtime

First single:
Much Chubbier
feat. Open Mike Eagle
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Someone doesn't want to go to bed. But I am at least five years older than Kyle and I am IN CHARGE FOR THE EVENING.
Babysitter: MCF | Babysittee: Kyle Kinane | Background music: Czech National Symphony Orchestra
posted on 8.6.14
Start Over | 03:27 | M4A | MP3 | Lyrics
From "Red Riding Hood." Various perspectives are provided. Violence seems inevitable in each.
The Wolf: Doggy Fresh | Chorus Vocal: Devin Masharani | Chorus Vocal: Ollie Nite | Chorus Vocal: Asa & Leni Mentzel | Chorus Vocal: Jess Klein | Backing Vocal: Brendan B. Brown | Keyboards: Gminor7 | Drums: The Sturgenius
Text | posted on 8.6.14
Gold Locks | 03:26 | MP3 | M4A | Lyrics
"The Story Of The Three Bears," presented as a cautionary tale for little bear children, a lesson on the importance of shutting and locking the front door.
Bass Accordion: Miss Murgatroid | Cello: Unwoman | Bass: Matthew Milligan | Chorus Vocal: Gabrielle Aimée | Poppa Bear: MCF | Goldie: Jean Grae | Drums: The Sturgenius
Text | Video | posted on 9.6.14
From "The Ruined Man Who Became Rich Again Through A Dream," The Thousand And One Nights.
Keyboards & Drum Sequencing: Baddd Spellah | Riq: Kevin Joaquin Garcia
Text | posted on 8.6.14
"The Emperor's New Clothes" has always been a confidence trick, and now it is perhaps also the spark of an overdue revolt.
A Tailor: MCF | The Emperor: Adam WarRock | A Peasant: Sole | Cello: Unwoman | Keyboards & Drum Sequencing: Baddd Spellah | Doumbek & Finger Cymbals: Kevin Joaquin Garcia
Text | posted on 8.6.14
From "The Mastermaid." Lady folks tend to get the short end of the stick in traditional tales. This one exemplifies that plight.
Keyboards: Gminor7 | Chorus Vocal: Marian Call | Drums: The Sturgenius
Text | Video | posted on 8.6.14
Li'l Paul is so hungry! If only he'd be satisfied to feast on his sitter's narratives, we're sure he'd sleep quite soundly.
Babysittee: Paul F. Tompkins | Babysitter: MCF | Background music: Shelley Katz
posted on 8.6.14
Much Chubbier | 03:46 | M4A | MP3 | Lyrics
"Three Billy Goats Gruff," presented as our favorite example of the Eat Me When I'm Fatter type of tale.
A Bridge Troll: Open Mike Eagle | Keyboards & Drum Sequencing: Baddd Spellah | The Littlest Goat: MCF
Text | posted on 8.6.14
She seems to think she's all grown up already. But you know what'll take care of that tummy ache? Going to bed.
Background music: Czech National Symphony Orchestra | Babysitter: MCF | Babysittee: Negin Farsad
posted on 8.6.14
Shudders | 04:04 | MP3 | M4A | Lyrics
From "The Youth Who Went Forth To Learn Fear." It seems that in medieval Europe, wild-eyed superstition was a sign of great wisdom, and NOT being scared of the dark meant you were dim.
Chorus Vocals: Panther and The Gambler, of The Protomen | Turntablism: Kid Koala | Keyboards: Gminor7 | Drum Sequencing: Baddd Spellah
Faerie Tale Theatre Version | Text | Video | posted on 10.31.14
Another long con, "The Ugly Son" may or may not contain any magic at all. But it contains plenty of class warfare!
A Patriarch: MCF | Another Patriarch: mc chris | Keyboards: Gminor7 | Drum Sequencing: Baddd Spellah
Text | posted on 8.6.14
From "The Stonecutter," which is possibly the origin of Rock Paper Scissors.
A Spirit: MCF | A Stonecutter: Busdriver | Chorus Vocal and Guitar: John Roderick | Drums: The Sturgenius | Keyboards: Gminor7
Text | posted on 8.6.14
It is no longer clear that MC Frontalot is any good at his job (babysitting). Perhaps this was never clear.
Babysittee: Lisa Delarios | Babysitter: MCF | Background music: Czech National Symphony Orchestra
posted on 8.6.14
Part of a Ho-Chunk story cycle about a man-like trickster creature who helps shape the early world. This episode is titled "Wakjakaga's Anus Guards The Ducks."
Chorus Vocal: Parry Gripp | Keyboards: Gminor7 | Additional Keyboards and Drum Sequencing: Baddd Spellah
Text | posted on 8.6.14
Full writing and composition credits are at the end of this handy booklet.. Produced by Damian Hess, Brendan B. Brown, and David Cheong. Mastered by Alex Théorét at Turtle Tone, New York City. Recorded at Twenty-Five Efforts, Brooklyn, NY. The Sturgenius engineered by Mark Alan Miller at Sonelab, Easthampton, MA. Entire contents ©2014 by MC Frontalot for Level Up Records And Tapes, published by Nerdcore Fervor Conglomerated (ASCAP). Album art by Bill Sienkiewicz. Booklet art by Sierra Murphree. Design by dh. block Manufactured at MorphiusDisc, Baltimore, MD.