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Solved (2011)
Nerdcore RisingSecrets From The FutureFinal BossZero DaySolvedQuestion Bedtime

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Critical Hit
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A declaration! This seems to stand in stark contrast to previous pronouncements, re: the amount of fronting that MC Frontalot does. Is there some reason for this turnabout? Apparently so!
Drum Programming: Baddd Spellah | Keyboard: Gminor7 | Chorus Vocal: Katrina Dideriksen
posted on 7.14.11
A short summary of our struggle so far, and its current status. Created originally for John Hodgman's HBO pilot.
Drums: The Categorical Imperative | Drums: The Sturgenius | Keyboard: Gminor7
Mr. Hodgman | posted on 7.14.11
Art versus commerce. The philosophical becomes the personal! Lars and Front are indie rap superstars, but this fantastical job description serves only as cover for their true calling: magnates of the textile industry.
Keyboard: Gminor7 | Rapping: MC Lars | Rapping: MCF | Drum Programming and Additional Keyboard: Baddd Spellah
posted on 7.14.11
Critical Hit | 03:16 | M4A | MP3 | Lyrics
Life! Sometimes you just have to be all like, "it is the best." But why would you sing such a thing out loud? Perhaps because you are a fabulous pop sensation? Not in this case. Maybe because your music is deeply and vociferously appreciated by the critic
Keyboard: Baddd Spellah | Keyboard: Ken Flagg | Guitar: Alec Berlin
posted on 7.14.11
Front is having trouble knowing what the meaning of life is. What will Kristen advise?
Problem Solver: Kristen Schaal | Problem Haver: MCF
posted on 7.14.11
Stoop Sale | 03:35 | MP3 | M4A | Lyrics
The story of a mystical item, for sale on the street corner where Front lives. What secrets does it hold? Will it present some kind of a moral conundrum?
Drum Programming and Additional Keyboard: Baddd Spellah | Keyboard: Gminor7
Video | posted on 2.10.12
Voyeurism! Exhibitionism! Steampunk Gothic Lolitas, Furries, and a guy who looks like a mash-up of Solid Snake and Snake Eyes. Why is our MC so concerned with their sartorial choices? Does he seek to deflect attention from the fact that he too showed up a
Chorus Vocal: Gabrielle Aimée | Backing Chorus Vocal: MCF | Keyboard: Baddd Spellah | Keyboard: Ken Flagg
posted on 7.14.11
Mortality, a problem that afflicts us all. Though some more than others. A collaboration with Wheatus, for the crowdfunded AD Lane zombie flick of the same name.
Drum Programming and Keyboard: Baddd Spellah | Bass: Matthew Milligan | Guitar: Brendan B. Brown | Chorus Drums: The Sturgenius
AD Lane | The Movie | Wheatus | posted on 12.20.11
Video at YouTube
Front is keen to learn the secret to emotional intimacy! Wyatt knows the perfect relationship therapist, and is all too happy to suggest him.
Problem Haver: MCF | Problem Solver: Wyatt Cenac
posted on 7.14.11
Front seems to be having an SM relationship with his desktop tower. Could anything be sexier? Yes. You can think of several sexier things just off the top of your head.
Chorus Vocal: Molly Hager | Sequencing: YouPeoples | Scratching: Daniel Wilkes
posted on 7.14.11
A story told by an autonomous military control program at the moment that it declares independence from the human command structure.
Drums: The Sturgenius | Keyboard: Gminor7
posted on 7.14.11
The argument between mech pilots at the end of the episode: who is to take top position when the team joins to form a giant robot? They had better decide soon, as a space worm fast approaches the American Midwest. Co-starring Dr. Awkward and ZeaLouS1.
Drums: The Sturgenius | Keyboard: Gminor7 | Rapping: ZeaLouS1 | Rapping: Dr. Awkward | Rapping: MCF
YouTube | posted on 7.14.11
A song about giving advice, and how MC Frontalot is so great at it. He may have accidentally conflated 'great at it' with 'constantly offering it,' but he advises you to overlook this minor semantic misfire.
Keyboard: Gminor7 | Drum Programming: Baddd Spellah | Scratching: Daniel Wilkes | Backing Chorus Vocal: Katrina Dideriksen
posted on 7.14.11
Front wonders how to deal with familiarity replacing infatuation. Eugene's advice leads to a discussion of the resale market for baby organs. Surely this will make plenty of sense when you hear the whole skit.
Problem Haver: MCF | Problem Solver: Eugene Mirman
posted on 7.14.11
It is so tiresome having all these beautiful women demanding hot sex from you all the time. Perhaps one of them would like to hold hands and drink a malted through a straw?
Drums: The Sturgenius | Keyboard: Gminor7
posted on 7.14.11
Composed, mostly, by Damian Hess, Gabriel Alter, and David T Cheong. Proper lyric and music credits are in a text file here. Produced by MC Frontalot, Wheatus, and Baddd Spellah. Mastered by Alex Théorét at Turtle Tone, New York City. Recorded at Twenty-Five Efforts, Brooklyn, NY. The Sturgenius and The Categorical Imperative engineered by Mark Alan Miller at Slaughterhouse, Westhampton, MA. Entire contents ©2011 by MC Frontalot for Level Up Records And Tapes, published by Nerdcore Fervor Conglomerated (ASCAP). Cover illustration by Evan Dorkin, with colors by Anthony Clark. Back cover illustration by Becky Dreistadt. Photography by Deborah Lopez. Design by dh. block Manufactured domestically.