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Final Boss (2008)
Nerdcore RisingSecrets From The FutureFinal BossZero DaySolvedQuestion Bedtime
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Final Boss
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Wallflowers | 03:03 | MP3 | OGG | AAC | Lyrics
Our impossibly perfect retro-futuristic club banger. It does not have anything to do with politics; that is just a trick of the ear.
Keyboards: Gminor7 | Drum programming: MCF | Drum programming: Baddd Spellah
posted on 9.17.08
Do not mix up "I" and "me" or else MC Frontalot will holler at you.
Keyboards: Gminor7 | Additional keyboards: Baddd Spellah | Scratching: DJ Snyder
posted on 9.17.08
A little meditation on having different words for the same thing.
Chorus vocal: Rai Kamishiro | Keyboards: Gminor7 | Drums: The Categorical Imperative
posted on 6.13.09
Look. I do not trust Canadians. Exhibit one: they are foreign. Exhibits two through n are not needed.
Rapper (rebuttal I): Jesse Dangerously | Rapper (rebuttal II): The Wordburglar | O Canada arrangement and performance: Gminor7 | Drum programming: Baddd Spellah | Drum programming: MCF | Drums: The Categorical Imperative
posted on 9.17.08
Late night on the air, discussing the subject of the next song.
Host: MCF | Guest: Schaffer The Darklord | Caller: Jeffrey Rowland | Engineer: Baddd Spellah
posted on 9.17.08
It is simply not credible. I don't care what kind of quote proof unquote you have.
Chorus vocal: Glen Phillips | Keyboards: Gminor7 | Drum programming: Baddd Spellah | Drum programming: MCF | Drums: The Sturgenius
posted on 9.17.08
You are sitting in an emergency room. The rapper sitting next to you is in pretty terrible shape. Also, he is seemingly dressed for RenFaire.
Drum programming: Baddd Spellah | Chorus vocal and guitar: Jonathan Coulton | Keyboards: Gminor7
posted on 9.4.09
A couple of perspectives on how awesome it is that much of the country is still using electronic voting machines that cannot be audited.
Guest rapper: Random | Keyboards: Gminor7 | Drum programming: Baddd Spellah | Drum programming: MCF | Drums: The Sturgenius | Scratching: DJ Snyder
posted on 9.17.08
A one minute song on the subject of improbable love. Originally for Song Fight.
Keyboards and drum programming: Baddd Spellah | Cello: The John Benjamin Band | Cello: Fay Ferency
Fight | posted on 9.17.08
A transparent bid to get optioned for an Ambien commercial.
Keyboards: Gminor7 | Drum programming: Baddd Spellah
posted on 9.17.08
A song about not being crazy! Originally written as Front's second Song Fight.
Drums: The Categorical Imperative | Drums: The Sturgenius | Casio, Little Tykes, and additional percussion: MCF | Additional percussion: Nate Van iLL
Fight | posted on 9.17.08
Just a normal conversation between some internet people.
Drums: The Sturgenius | Rapper: MCF | Blogger: Wil Wheaton
posted on 9.17.08
Socks On | 02:10 | MP3 | AAC | Lyrics
To the casual ear! Maybe it sounds like a cryptic critique of a cable news channel? If you cannot discover actual subject of song, third verse addresses you personally. Created at the request of Wil Shipley.
Keyboards: Gminor7 | Drum programming and additional keyboards: Baddd Spellah | Chorus vocal: Katrina Dideriksen | Scratching: DJ Snyder
Our Benefactor | posted on 6.13.09
Final Boss | 03:17 | MP3 | Lyrics
Created for the Penny Arcade game On The Rain-Slick Precipice Of Darkness Episode I. And then touched up for the album. And now free to download.
Scratching: DJ Snyder | Chorus vocal: Kimmy Gatewood | Drums: The Sturgenius | Drum programming: Baddd Spellah | Keyboards: Gminor7
The Game | posted on 11.24.09
Vocals by MC Frontalot except as noted. Performers, less pseudonymously: Gm7 is Gabriel Alter; Baddd Spellah is David Cheong; The Sturgenius is Sturgis Cunningham; The Categorical Imperative is Daniel Thiel; DJ Snyder is Daniel Wilkes; MC Frontalot is impossibly mysterious, anonymous, secretive, and obscure. Unless you have access to a "Wikipedia" or something. Cover by Scott Campbell. Back cover by Dennis Hansbury. Design by Entire contents © 2008 by MC Frontalot for Level Up Records & Tapes. All songs published by Nerdcore Fervor Conglomerated (ASCAP). Produced by Damian Hess, David Cheong, and Nate Van iLL. Mixing expertise provided by Jessica Thompson. Recorded at Twenty Five Efforts, Brooklyn, NY. Drums engineered by Mark Alan Miller at Slaughterhouse, Westhampton, MA. Mastered by Alex Théorét at Turtle Tone, NY.