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Next Gig!

Next up: South by Southwest! Exciting. See you there.

Well! There's another PAX coming right up. Front and bandmates make with the raps for you Saturday night (1/30) in San Antonio. Come see your lad in Bandland all weekend long. If it's where it was last year, you don't even need a badge to get into that chunk of the convention center! Get something signed. Get a hug. Get a plan together so you can visit Front and get those things from him. Okay.

Hey! Frontal ally Allie Goertz has just released her album of Rick & Morty tribute tunes. Wait, what? That's like Front's favorite cartoon! Sure hope he's got a feature verse on there. Oh. Yep, he sure does. Download the record right away.


Front's back home in NY for a little while, working on his various secrets and lies.

Meanwhile! Take a gander at his inbound and outbound intercontinental airplane movie queues, and stop by the shop to get one of Front's albums or tees since you are required to buy things for friends and relatives at this time of year.

Oh! And check him out 'live' from Australia on Kris and Paul's 28 Plays Later podcast.


Front's on an aeroplane, traveling alllll the way to Australia to entertain you there. See him Saturday night (10/31) at PAX and/or Monday night (11/2) at Melbourne's Workers Club. That Fitzroy show is going to be proper fun, including a live podcast taping w/ Kris Straub and the chiptunes wizardry of cTrix. Tickets available! Then our MC will wander around Thailand for two weeks trying not to get Typhoid. If you know any fun things to do in Thailand besides avoiding diseases, tweet those things at him. His itinerary is wide open.

Front did a bit of engineering on the debut Font Drama album, and you can even see him lurking in their first video. And speaking of videos, here's a new lyric vid for an old track: Front's Scare Goat on ewwwtooob.


This weekend in New York City! Get rested. Because right after, you're hanging out with Frontalot. Monday 10/12, see Front portray Stef in Jean Grae & Quelle Chris's GOONIES II at Union Hall. Then, on Tuesday night, attend The Talent Show at Joe's Pub, where Front will do a number with Vic-20 and Gm7. Excitement! Two excitements!

Australians! Particularly Melbournians! See Front at PAX Australia at the end of October, and stick around for his show at Workers Club on Mon 11/2. Details for that one will be on the gig calendar mighty soon.

Nerdcore albums! Front is proud to appear on Wordburglar's brand new one, Rapplicable Skills. Front highly recommends Miss Eaves's Black Valley (and don't miss her debut video), as well as Random's RNDM which includes some of the nicest things anyone's ever said about Front on wax.

Australia! Frontalot is headed your way. He'll see you soon.

MC Frontalot heads to Portland on 7/23 for a free show with the whole band. The Doubleclicks open. Be at Dante's at 8:00PM to make sure that gladness infests your evening! This enjoyable visit occurs in support of OSCON, thanks entirely to the generous folks at We heard a rumor that a brand new MCF song about free software is scheduled to debut during the performance.

Front thanks everyone who came to see the recent Ann Arbor and Indianapolis shows. AA's Top Of The Park and Indy's Circle City Con deserve everyone's enduring support.

Did you catch Front on Mike Eagle's 'Secret Skin' podcast? That's here. How about dancin' around the backgrounds in Mike's new video for 'Ziggy Starfish?' Check it out.

What are the Frontal allies up to? Let's see... Our MC's bassist Bl4k Lotus invented a battle card game about bacteria! Get in on the ground floor with the game's kickstarter. Negin Farsad (director of Nerdcore Rising: The Movie) has finished her first romantic comedy, '3rd Street Blackout.' Front was meant to have a cameo, but found himself detained out of town. The film is undoubtedly improved by featuring Hodgman in the role instead. Lev Grossman's 'The Magicians' is headed to televisions... perhaps your televisions. Wheatus and Mike Doughty tour together in the fall, all around the UK. John Roderick is running for Seattle City Council.

Oh, and Front recently insulted a bunch of movies that you probably kind of enjoy. He's slightly sorry.

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Nerdcore Rising: The Movie

Nerdcore Rising follows MC Frontalot the "Godfather of Nerdcore" on his first national tour to reveal the roots of the genre, the dorky complexities of its artists, and one MC's fight for nerd stardom.
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"Never has a little boy sat so alone at his computer and busted out such in- conceivably thick rhymes. MC Frontalot has tapped the zeitgeist. It is with good reason that he is so very famous and rich."
— Noam Chomsky
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